lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

Mint Plumeti Dress

2014 Mint Parole

The hardest next thing to hold back from buying the same fabric on every color available is, to me, to decide on the pattern. It is often the CasyCoso Case, to find inspiration on the broads of reality and commercial brand’s talents. We humbly acknowledge this and pay tribute to their creativity. So, for this particular light, breeze, extremely classy fabric, we wanted something original, cute and girly yet apt for everyday wear. We didn’t want a dress that ought to sit in the closet till Sunday coz it looks too formal or bow-ish

We found this!
Nanos 2013 Spring Summer Catalogue
Once again, it is by Nanos…we just like it so much…we want to know if we can mimic it!

Here is the visual for the pattern and the progress so far, we think we got it!

Visual for the Mint Dress

The lace details are done with a very delicate yet modern pattern of Valencienne Lace, our other confessed weakness. And the silk ribbon over the shoulder just makes it as cute as it can our opinion of course.

Dress Details

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