viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Plumeti Pool Passion – executed

The second round of our Plumeti Passionate Summer is completed
We finished our Lavander Lovely Pool Tunic

Blue Birdie in Lavander Love

We finished it, and we believe we will be using this tunic daily. It might actually be a pattern to repeat with some of our other treasure fabric swatches. 
Optimal for playgrounds and pool outings
This time we designed the pattern ourselves, without outsider inspiration (aka plagiarism) and we honestly encourage you to try to do so too because it is very simple yet delivering. If the visual we included here is not enough, let us know and we will try to give you better indications on how to calculate the pattern. 

Casycoso Original Lavander Love
Super practical, very fresh, unlined Swiss Dotted Tunic with a matching diaper cover, ideal for anytime casual playdates or pool expeditions. The most complicated part, in our opinion, was the collar. It ought to fit perfectly coz it had to give structure to the rest of the tunic. But it is worth trying coz it is quite an easy to sew yet edgie dress. 
Ruffle Armhole Seam detail
If you need a tutorial for the diaper cover, honestly, this is your link
Prescription: to be used on a daily basis

hereby commits the site to make a tutorial on the tunic, with better graphics that illustrate the making process. 

Things I learned:
To open a button hole might seem simple enough to anybody. Admitedly, it truly must be simple, but please, do not underestimate the task. I say this because, when I tried to open this tunics’ using the seam ripper, I thrusted so hard that I ripped the fabric all the way! I have mended it by hand to the best of my abilities coz I do not own a sewing maching and I refuse to tell my mom about it.  
Disaster Stroke

I cannot believe I have spoiled the tunic without having used it not even once..
of course, I plan on using it anyway. 
Afterall, if the button is big enough, nobody will be able to tell, will it not?

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