lunes, 9 de junio de 2014


Repeat with me…a project at a time, a project at a time
a project at a time!

I have repeatedly told myself to carry just one project at a time...but sometimes the temptation to get just a couple of fabrics is irresistible! 
Handmade Project Overload

This summer we are being the worst of sinners. When I discovered the colorful catalogue of Swiss Plumetis I had to take both the Lavander and the Mint. I could only hold back on the Coral and that is just because
instead I got some precious quite costly Swiss Embroidered Organdí that I am yet to show you.

Even though we are still working on the Plumeti frenzy, I admit to have attacked a couple other fabrics I had on stock since my last visit to London, hunting for Liberty fabrics. And to top it all, I passed by the astonishingly ultra stocked-up yet surprisingly updated yarn store of my dreams and got a couple of yarns to make the beckys for the dresses I am working on. The result…DIY overflow. How would we sort out this mess?!

3 dresses as Work in Progress (mint and lavander plumeti + liberty lemon + pink stripes)
2 becky's at a Beginning State (matching pinkie + matching yellow)
1 summer dress still on a Design phase

Materials Pictured

Black&Yellow summer dress
-          100%Cotton Liberty Fabric. Currently out of order, but it is part of the Pepper Classic Tana Lawn Series
-          Cadmium Yellow Tulle. Very docile, it will be an accent on the hemline of the dress
-          100% cotton matching cadmium yellow cotton for the diaper cover
-          100% cotton Katia Monaco Baby yarn (Color code 17)

Lavender Love pool tunic
-          Lavender Swiss Dotted Cotton (aka Plumeti) from Mastelas (street store)

Mint Parole
-          Lavender Swiss Dotted Cotton (aka Plumeti) from

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