lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

Summer by the sea

As I might have commented before baby bird  #3 came with a complicated health. after three surgeries, things were getting better but we're still not fixed so we were on the waiting list for the last most aggressive intervention, which although it was extremely worrisome for us, was supposed to fix everything. When the call from the hospital finally rang, it was unavoidable to get anxious. So once again knitting and sewing saved my sanity. 

The city where I live, is  notorious for not having good fabric stores so all I could find was a  marine  striped neopreno  type of fabric as tough as cheap. Left with no options,  I got it. And in the course of the weekend, I traced the pattern of a spring summer dress. Cut it. Sew it. Decorated it. 

The result is soooo cool I can hardly believe it! The fabric is so hard, that it keeps keeps the shape, giving  extreme volume to the skirt. Plus, we  Added some embroidery to the French sleeves, and (how not!) a touch of Valenciennes lace to the left shoulder to result on the cheapest fastest fanciest therapeutic project thus far this year!

The complete story goes however, that once I finish both dress, surgery overcome! My mother (as often) took it upon herself  to improve the stitching of the bottom hem. So she took them back to her hometown supposedly  just to redo the bottom.  after two days,  she called me, mad as ever, because oh surprised! Nothing matched and she had had to take it all apart. With the help of my aunt the dresses when I finally put back together and finished up better than ever.