jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

Christmas Pull home-made Pattern

I have always wanted to knit a Christmas Pullover. One of those red, white and green, with snowflakes and reindeers all over them. But two things held my horses:
  •        Complication
  •         Season appropriateness constrains

Such a big effort for just two weeks of rightful public exposure does not seem very effort-effective. 
Winter 2016 Nano's Christmas Pull
That is when I came across a reinterpretation of the garment that we can’t pass on. Of course, it is by NANO’s. I love it and I just spent 2 hours trying to find a free knitting pattern for the elk head. Since I couldn’t, I came up with my own copy, which I leave here in case it might be of interest to any of you.
4yo pattern suggestion

I will let you know how the project turns out

  • The elk head shape could benefit from a bit of a narrower forehead, so if the length of your pull allows it, grant it a couple extra black rows between lines 27-28 (narrowing the forehead)
  • The diagram posted fits a 4 year old, upper body length of about 40cm. I also prepared a smaller version, if you need it, drop a comment!