viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Swiss Elegance

Summer at its best
This 2014 summer dress sewing frenzy was all about Plumeti, we admit it, but on one of our visits to the fabric store, my mother who should have been born rich to afford her excellent taste on everything and anything, fell in love with this Swiss Cotton Fabric, to die for!

jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

Story of a Fiasco

Sometimes we dream too big, and often I do not think before I act. This is specially taxing when knitting, coz to not correct a mistake in time might involve either the waste of lots of time undoing and redoing, or the walk of shame sporting it once the garment is finished. Casycoso, or actually, the younger section of casycoso (that would be me) is too proud to go down and redo, so I often sport my mistakes holding my head hight and affirming that it is the only way to make sure it is evident that the garment is Home-made.

Unfortunately, mandatory redo

But when the problem is not a twisted stitch or even a knot in the yarn but the whole thing being disproportionate and the knit being too loose even for a summery breezy jacket, then you have a fiasco. Which is exactly how my Neon project ended.