viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2014

Swiss Elegance

Summer at its best
This 2014 summer dress sewing frenzy was all about Plumeti, we admit it, but on one of our visits to the fabric store, my mother who should have been born rich to afford her excellent taste on everything and anything, fell in love with this Swiss Cotton Fabric, to die for!

Swiss Cotton delicately Embroided Fabric

For some time, I have been trying to steal a sec to get some decent shots of the dress we sew with it. Arguably, it is quite an elegant dress... Arguably not up for any day visits to the playground, but 

Don't you think is beautiful? 

Sized for a 2yo princess

The merit is truly on the fabric. Especially, if you remark that we sew the pleats backwards...perhaps we can just convincingly estate that we did it like that on purpose?

Pleats normally fold outwards..right?
We finished the hems and flutter sleeves by hand. It is fully lined coz of the transparency of the outer layer but also to give it volume (in a cute charming way, not a tacky princess ballgown manner). The fabric is of such quality, it's got a starchy look to it but it is soft to the touch and it's got a bit of a silky shine as well.

It even makes me wish we had a wedding to attend as a family...although truth be told, weddings are currently our most solid alibis to go out as a children-less couple and have a bit of just-fun of us-time. So don't mind my former wish...a birthday party attendance would also be an appropiate venue to sport it. 

Is it too obvious how much I like it?

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