jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

Story of a Fiasco

Sometimes we dream too big, and often I do not think before I act. This is specially taxing when knitting, coz to not correct a mistake in time might involve either the waste of lots of time undoing and redoing, or the walk of shame sporting it once the garment is finished. Casycoso, or actually, the younger section of casycoso (that would be me) is too proud to go down and redo, so I often sport my mistakes holding my head hight and affirming that it is the only way to make sure it is evident that the garment is Home-made.

Unfortunately, mandatory redo

But when the problem is not a twisted stitch or even a knot in the yarn but the whole thing being disproportionate and the knit being too loose even for a summery breezy jacket, then you have a fiasco. Which is exactly how my Neon project ended. 

I got, on sale #ohbutofcourse some plaid shorts for my boy and the cutest matching diaper cover for my girl. From Nanos, yeah, I sinned, yet again. But! I did refrain from buying the green neon sweaters that the barnd suggested to complete the outfit coz I was suuure that I could knit some in what...3days? yeah, right! 
Last of summery outfits for my sprouts
After reality set in and I realized that there was no human way of knitting both sweaters if I wanted the children to wear the clothes this summer, I gave in. I even considered myself the luckiest when I found the perfect yarn, 100% Katia Panama. Beware with this one by the way, I knitted badly but with love, with 2.5mm needles and it was loose, and I mean Looose
100% katia Panama Col.15
The goal was to knit the jacket for my girl, based on the cardigan model that has proven so useful this past winter. I knitted hard, fast and furiously, even during our camping weekend and on a dare-devil swing went for the pocket version of the jacket. The pocket thingie is such a simple yet such a cute stylish touch that if you haven't tried yet, I do recommend including it on your next project. 
Do you know how it is done? 

Don't be misled, the treacherous jacket appears to be neat in the pictures but, despite the efforts, it turned out to be too wide, too short, the sleeves too short and tremendously wide and the stitches way too loose to the point of being unacceptable even for my standards. So, I lowered my head down and handed it to my mom, the true soul of casycoso, for some restyling (aka complete redo)...

Unsuspicous knitting progress 

I will be sure to post the end result! 

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