viernes, 1 de agosto de 2014

Colors are the Salt of Life

The other day, surfing around and away in Instagram, which incidentally I am getting totally hooked onto, I came across a pic published by 
which sent me off to bed with my head boiling with projects
@funincolor publication
First of, when running into such prolific, visually inspiring and creative profiles like @funincolor, one can’t help to wonder but who are these people? What do they do for a living? What kind of magical eye do they possess to always come across the most astonishing and striking color compositions?
And so many of them and so often really? @funincolor panel is super beautiful and alive. I makes me wanna wake up and smell the roses around. I mean, if they can find so many charming moments, then we ought to believe that in actuality surely we are surrounded by them and we just have to develop the sensitivity to capt them and enjoy them.
Accordingly, personal resolution: be aware of the beauty that surrenders me!
So many options
But also, I am totally decided to provide our household with a very necessary coffee china set as miscellaneous as the one shown in the pic! Do you find it evoking? We got a fantastic Villeroy&Boch china set as a wedding present but haven’t been able to go for any coffee/tea set yet coz none appealed to me sufficiently. Clearly, fate had this option in store for us and from now on, I will keep my eyes open for thrift, antiquary, lonely coffee cups to be fostered.
Garden required?

Then again, am I the last to get to mix and match trend like this? I mean, is a vintage mismatched china so last year? I found out this awesome provider (Cake Stand Heaven), in case you want it now and you want it fast!

Either way, I think color is the salt of life. Incidentally, this project might also require a mandatory crystal show case to complete the effect...

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