viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

May 2014 Recount

Welcome to our First Monthly Exposure Recount

As part of our exposure experiment and having completed the blog first month of Real Life, here it is our first ever Monthly Exposure Report.
We started CasyCoso in March, but let’s face it, it took us a good 4 to 5 weeks to sort of master blogger and make a somehow decently looking platform to connect with the outside world. Surprisingly, the magic formula in our case was the hackneyed “Less is More”. If you just get rid of all the blinking fonts and histrionic background templates, the result is a subtle, comfy look, were you might surf around for more than a minute without getting a headache.

Honoring our commitment, CasyCoso is still anonymous and secret. We have not share the project with any of our friends or relatives. Well, except for a very dear friend of mine…I had to! Come on! Blame it on my insecurities, I needed her honest opinion on the project, and she is keeping the secret, pinky swear!


-     2…I mean,TWO mega awesome incredible but true…followers in Instagram. I hope I can offer something of interest to them…their profiles are certainly awesome to check out.

Visit's Map
Statistics on the Blog:
-          Zero comments…buahhhh!
-          Zero followers…sigh!
-      Apparently I got visited…according to the blogger statistics page..but I have the founded suspicion that it might just be my friend from Germany coming in to see what’s going on with my crazy waste of time?

-          Obviously, zero income..$null, nada€

Things I have done to try to get the blog around:
-          Updated posts frequently
-          Opened a Pinterest account
-          Open an Instagram account

To Do List:
-          Keep posting
-        Open a facebook account? Wouldn’t it be too pathetic with an empty agenda?

-          Research the possibility of including it on search engines, or blog pools, keep learning!

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