viernes, 13 de junio de 2014

Mint Plumeti Dress - copied!

It is not as easy as it seems
Why am I wearing wings? I wonder..
Reading along the notes we have been posting recently, it might look like copying a dress just from a pic is a super easy task. And it might just be so if you are skilled in the art of dress makingwhich sadly enough, is not the CasyCoso case. On the contrary,
we manage as best we can, by ripping seams almost as fast as we can sew them. It is evident that we would highly benefit from some Tailoring and Dressmaking classes. The other day for instance, I cut what I intended to be a pair of shorts and mysteriously enough my mom sewed a diaper cover. How? Who knows! 
Original Nanos Spring Summer 2013 collection
I say this because we are about to proudly publish here the end result of our copycatting daring for the Mint Plumeti Fabric I showed you some days ago. And the dress resembles the original one so much, that one might think that it's either easy or  we are good! But we humbly want to confess that, our adored super fashionable ultra-flattering dress is the end result of a trial and error frustrating process that has only result in such a success thanks to my mother perseverance.
This party was clothing optional, wasn’t it?
She sported it, briefly but in style, for her 2nd birthday bash. We say briefly because about 10 minutes into the party, she decided that clothing was overrated and she ripped it off. How ironic that we are enjoying so much sewing and dressmaking, and our main victim however prefers nakedness.

Here are some detail shots of the dress. You can find info about where I got the supplies from and a simple visual of the pattern, here
Buttons on the back

Detail on the back
Bow snaps off to wash the dress absent-mindedly

Lining Detail 

Things we have learned:
-         Measure twice
-         Seam allowance!
-         Preferably to cut it long and have a generous hemline
-         Buy good fabrics and laces, your time, effort and thrill is worth more
-        Pin, pin, Pin!
-         Don’t deprive yourself of sleep to finish the Project. You will have to repeat it once you see it on plain daylight

The only reason it is not exactly like the original, is that we didn’t want to get the same Valencienne Lace as to not be charged copyrights...sort of. But we know who sells it!

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