jueves, 19 de junio de 2014

Plumeti Pool Passion

Lavender Love

Continuing with the Plumeti Passion that has won our summer heart, now it is time to cut into the Lavender Swiss Dotted Cotton.Turns out that a breezie short sleeve sweet dress was hiding into the Mint Swatch, you can read about it here.

Visual for the Lavender Love Pool Dress
So maybe, this is could be the fabric to make an easy wear swimming pool tunic! It will have to
withstand multiple ins and outs the pool bag, occasional water splashes and doubtless roll-overs on the grass. So, I anticipated a wrinkled life for it. Considering this into the design, and quite a rarety for CasyCoso, we have come up with this idea…of our own! Once again, we have make up the pattern ourselves. If you are interested, we would gladly share it, just howl!
 Lavander Plumeti

Here are the cut out pieces for the tunic. My baby bird loves pockets and despite the fact that the pockets I plan on adding to this garment would mostly be accent pieces, she’s got such tine cutie hands that just to be able to barely dig them in the pockets and pop up her shoulders from time to time, suffices.

Cut Out Pieces
The beauty of that type of collar, I think, is to frame the baby dolls face and give a bit of "composture" to the whole dress, so we definitely have to put interlining on it. We used the iron on kind of, and it worked fine. I will let you know how it survives to almost daily washer episodes. 

Interlined Collar
Since it is intended to be a pool easy tunic, we are not going to line it. But, good news! enough swatch was left over to make a diaper cover out of it! 
To be continued...

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