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Dotted Swiss Cotton Frenzie

Admittedly, I love that type of fabric. Not as irrationally as I love Liberty cottons, which is obviously an infatuated passion, but enough. And this summer we are going crazy about it.
Freshest Mint 
Lavander Love

There is shop in our hometown which, even though is a bit pricey, does carry a enthusing stock of such and their quality standards  are unmatchable. Plus, they display their fabrics in an organized way, which is priceless. I would link it here but they don’t have a web. The name of the shop is, in case you are in La Rioja (Spain) "Más Telas". (Check the bottom of the post for an online alternative)

So far, I had only found White Swiss Cotton, in a limited range of quality and at an equally pricy tag, but this Spring they stocked on…hold tight…Mint, Coral and Lavander. So far, we have succumbed to the Mint and the Lavander. I have a pattern in mind for both. If Summer is good to us, my babygirl would sport them all summer long. They are a very breeze, thin threaded cloths. 

Let me tell you how they come along, and if you fall on the same temptation, please share!

Let me share with you one of my treasures, if you love Liberty fabric and want to find it at the cheapest price avalaible, without refusing to get the latest patterns: this is your cave
Do not get discourage by their web. It is a bad one. It is impossible to appreciate the beauty of the fabrics through those tiny swatch pics and that outrageous web background. If you live in the nearby of London, do pay them a visit. 

Swiss Dotted Colored Cotton
You can find the Mint Plumeti fabric online here

That's how we call this type of fabric in Spanish, just in case the term slips my fingers

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