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Blue Marine - Break Up

NOTE TO SELF: a 3 year old jacket requires already a considerable amount of wool.

I have always favored baby size projects because of their short-term return of investment. I mean, since they are small (in size) projects, the gratification of finishing them comes faster. In addition to this, for bigger sizes, the cost of the yarns starts to add up. I use relatively fine needles, 4mm for this particular project, so in this case, 6 balls of KATIA Merino 100% wool were wolfed down by the jacket.

Still, its total cost is almost half of a market price for a similar garment.
Notice that it is 100% washable merino wool, the best I have ever worked with. You might remember that the project aim was to copy-cat a Nanos 2014 Model. But I decided to incorporate pockets in Mink color to light up the  piece and to match the buckles. Talking about the buckles...why do I anticipate that they might be a challenge?

Anyhow, after working exhaustingly on it, I have finish all the parts. It is done all with Garter Stitch. This is a reversible so-called basic stitch which in my opinion, is very elegant. I absolutely favor ranglan sleeves, because the fit is guaranteed for any body type.
Blue Marine Boy Jacket

* here is a good glossary for Knit Stitches and Patterns
* Surprisingly broad glossary of sleeves
* I am going to leave on Pinterest a board of fantastic Garter Stitch Garments for you to re-consider the beauty of the simplicity of this pattern

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