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Blue Marine Girl Dress

Originality is undetected plagiarism William Ralph Inge

I never claimed to be a great creator and I humbly accept my limitations, one of which is to come up with new (good) ideas, at least, not every time. Disclaimer out of the way...we have decided on the pattern for my 1yo dress to match my son’s blue marine jacket.

Casilda&Jimena 2014 Winter Collection

It is based on Casilda&Jimena’s 2014 Winter collection which
you can browse, enjoy and get enthused by here. I loved this brand from the beginning. Their story is inspiring. I envy their capability to think, plan and build a successful business following their dreams. Not to mention their clothes which are to die for. Classic, elegant, comfortable, flattering and cute, always working with the best cotton and liberty fabrics and the best wools. Always added a touch of style to distingish their creations and outstand themselves. I am a devoted fan.

We have got a fine corduroy blue marine fabric, quite similar to my son’s shorts by PiliCarrera.

Front (18months)

The idea is work on a A-shaped dress, length above the knees, underlined in white cotton. Cuffs and collars will be done in white dotted Swiss cotton, finished up with a delicate Valencienne lace. I have high hopes for this one!

Visual of the dress

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