lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014

Twins Romper Rampage!


I was so eager to post this! We have finished the twin rompers!
Sending out another packet of love!

A very dear friend of mine announced a while ago that they were expecting twins! A girl and a boy. As a mother of two close in age little rascals, I guess I should sympathize with what it means, but still, I can’t help but to be so excited for them!

We had to prepare a very special box for their joyful and very desired upcoming arrival, and so we did. Here is the result. We made the specialty of the house, a newborn bubble romper, short-sleeved since the babes will get here in June, and a matching dress for the girl with the coordinated jacket. They are a very colorful family, so we chose an emerald green that we knew they would love. The fabric is a 100% white piqué, classic and cute, crispy fresh for all summer long wear.

Cutie Pie #1
Cutie Pie #2

Romper + Dress = double the fun

And since typically, we are the worst at keeping track of our new pattern creations, we made a special effort to document in detail the knitting instructions and have made them available in our etsy shop. This is the first pattern we write and we have gone out of our way to make it as easy to follow and to include as many pictures as we could think of. There are a couple of suggestions there as to how to customize your own romper, if you decide to go for it, but of course, the main ingredient for the success of that, is your own creativity!

I would love to hear and see what you make, and also we would be extremely thankful for any constructive criticism that you might have. Please do share!

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