miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

Blue Marine - Girl Dress Completed!


Meet my BirdyGirl
Project complete! How gratifying it is to finish a project in which you embark without any warranty of success and to do it well?

Striding in Style
Tiny but Thunderous

The dress fits, it is warm for winter, it is comfy and cute, it does (admittedly) totally mimics Casilda&Jimena’s, it coordinates my son’s blue marine outfit and most importantly, it has passed my daughter’s filter who being only 1yo, already bawls for what she wants to wear and not. My husband says that she looks like a magistrate though…if you are interested on the pattern, howl!

Things I learned

- with corduroy, shape is basic. It is a very rigid fabric that will not forbid any mistakes or misshapen patterns. I recommend to sew the back pleats 12-14cm, till right about below the armpit.
- Contrary to this, we found the dress looked the cutest if leaving the pleats on the front barely marked (4-6cm), as to maximize the puff of the belly and the A-shape of the dress.

- Watch out for dark fabrics, wash them separetely in hot water prior to sewing the dress to avoid losing color onto the crispy white neck and cuffs. 

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