miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

Blue Marine - Boy Cardigan- Completed!

Knitted, sewn, fitted and finished!

As anticipated, the buckles were a challenge. Thanks to my mother in law who worked hard and in detail to bring them to perfection, they are finally done. My brain always runs faster than my hands and definitely faster than my patience. So that when I envision something, I attempt to do it, but if it qualifies as precision work, then I have come to accept that it is not a job for me. 
Buckle Success (in my humble opinion of course)
Such was the case of the buckles. But my mother in law is something else. She did not rest till she found the right cord, the right leather, cut it, dyed it and sew it to the jacket to perfection!

Here is the end result, how do you like it? The yarn is fantastic! The softest, warmest, richest in color with just the right pinch of elasticity Merino Katia 100%.

Homemade plus: made with undeniable heart warmth 100% for you 

Now for the second part, my baby girl coordinated outfit. 

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