lunes, 8 de junio de 2015

Liberty Love

Considering the many assets of the Liberty of London fabrics, the fact that this summer 2015 we limited our shopping spree to just 7, is praiseworthy.
That our infatuation with them has dragged a very dear friend into getting some as well at the risk of becoming another SIY (sew it yourself) victim, can be left as a side note. 

Summery Colourful Palettes, we had to get one of each patterns (Pepper, Garden Wonderland, Primrose and Watercolor)

We got them through as always. Their stock list is bottomless, and includes the widest variety of both type of fabrics and patterns, we ever came across. They ship fast and safely, and their  readiness to answer any questions is appreciated. Just one little suggestion to them: fidelity vouchers people! 

Some of the reasons for our unconditional devotion to liberty might be but are not limited to:
- the sweetness of their color palettes 
- the timeless choice of patterns
- the retro aftertaste of their looks
- the softest most delicate choice of finest cotton
- the rich.and silky subtle shine of their fabrics

Fresh Meadow Pattern

Most of the fabric we got (all the above) are intended for summer dresses except for the bottom two which I plan on using for autumn and winter pieces. 
Third time we go for this classic Liberty Pattern we have worked it already in two other colors

Some are already completed and I hereby commit myself to post them
Here in time for u to go after any of them if so you please!

In return, please let us know how did it all turns out!

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