sábado, 13 de junio de 2015

Easiest Baby Romper Ever

Once the Charleston (dropped waistline) dress was completed, I had some left over scraps which at first sight didn't look like much. But oh the magic of daring, check out what we came out with!

Size pictured: 1-3 months old

Plus, you can get it done in a night! 
Here is how:
- don't line it
- make sure that you have at least two 31cm wide, 40cm long 
- trace this pattern onto the fabric (measurements in cm)

- sew the sides
- embroid the hem around the chest with a highlighting festoon.
- do the same around the leg'a hems.
- gather the chest all around by machine sew equely spaced lines with elastic thread on the bottom and highlighting thread on the top. 

Tulle and little bow for extra cuteness

The last bits and pieces of tulle went to the armholes, and we added a little bow for the final girly touch. Et voila!

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