jueves, 11 de junio de 2015

Simple Yet Effective

Such is this dress we just finish. We anticipaste it will be the easy choice for any summer visit to the pool as it was last year plumeti tunic.

The pattern is absolutely basic:
- Cut a rectangle
- Cut out 1/2 of the armhole seam (the bottom half) 
- Pleat or gather the top front and top back to the correct chest width of your darling dove
- Finish it up with some long and narrow bias that will also serve as the straps. 

Now for the ruffles: 
- Cut two 8cm wide strips of fabric, double the length of the dress width and gather them up. 
- Distribute them along the top hem and done! 
- Really, done!

Ah no, sorry, not done yet. Don't forget the bottons and botton holes on the back.

So easy! And so effective if you use a good fabric such as this Liberty of London watercolor one.

* dress measurements correspond to a 3yo girl

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