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The sound of music

By the end of this post you would understand the reason for this title.

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It took us weeks to decide the pattern for one of the Liberty of London SS15 fabrics we provisioned. After considering pleats, ruffles, laces and other adornments, it dawn on us that the pattern of this wonderful finest cotton fabric was so romantically sweet and fresh that The simpler the pattern, the better the outcome. 

Charleston Pattern = flat top + low waistline + pleated full skirt

So, this was the result! Charleston type of dress, easy to make:
- get a form fitting t-shirt
- trace the contour into the fabric
- omit the sleeves 

For the skirt, siiiimple, just pleat it and adjust to the contour of the top. As for the hems, we embroided it in a rich green. That saves you the need to hand sewn the hem and it embellishes the edges. 

Waistline Detail

A zipper in the back to give it an edge!

Mini Zipper (unrequiered but our personal understanding of  "Edgy")

And to finish it all up, we used some tulle scraps as underskirt for volume and cuteness.

The best part (hidden tulle underskirt)

We loved it but it came out too big..oh well, we will be sporting it  next year too. Now, for the reference to the Disney movie, we also made a coordinated romper for bird number 3, and the pic we took the other day of the three birds dressed alike totally reminded us of the scene when Mary makes some country clothes for all the troop out of some curtains...

My birdies at their best

...don't you agree?!

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