sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2015

Against all odds

Fall season is upon us, and surprisingly enough, my birdies didn't stop growing so we have found that my big girl #2 is too tall now for all those charleston dresses we made last year.

Thankfully, during our summer holiday in London we ad quite some liberty (what else!) fabric to put together some new ensembles.

Gotta admit that none of the fabrics we selected, got the thumbs up of the true soul of casycoso (aka my mom). But I still think that something good can come out of all of it, and I plan on telling you about it, in here.

First, we went for the far left fabric. Our reasoning: its coloring, strong mustard and coral hues with dark grey and black background, "might" be too harsh for a three year old so we decided to use a pattern that would pleat the fabric quite some, to tone it down a bit (if possible).

It might be pointless, but we cut 3/4 sleeves, as to not make the dress look too much like a crow tunic.

I turned it over and over to see how some tulle accents could bring it up, but anything was too much, so we ended up leaving it at this.

The full length shot does it no justice, but believe me, it works fine on the birdie! 

And here is the mustard jacket, I knitted to go with it. 

I won't ask wether or not, we got your thumbs up with this project...I put too much effort into it, mother refused to help with it, to risk the sadness of your disappointment

         Now, onto the next one! 

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