martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

Coral Plumeti: the return

And once the Coral Plumeti Baby dress was "copied", having been the results so satisfactory*, we decided to make a coordinated dress for bird#2 (size 2yo). At casycoso we like to dress the siblings coordinated but not entirely marching, to give a bit of personality to each of them. We searched the net for some "likable" patterns. But ended up concocting our own. And this was the result.  
Front of the Dress

Back Detail

The front works but the back offers numerous ops for improvement, namely:
- trimming along the hem would have really finished it up better, but it is so hard to iron...
- the lining shouldn't have been sewn to the dress...but we already dissected about tha matter before
- we should have been more generous with the width of the liberty neck layer. We ought to stop treating it as if it was an expensive endangered species of fabric
- the back works...barely. It is a made up mixture of things we had seen out there, mostly apron style.
The most attractive option we came accross online was this, and honestly, we find our solution worse. Probably, a regular full skirt bottom would have been at least, easier to make. 

Source Unknown, found on Gogle with keywords "Plumeti Coral"
* Didn't u just admit in the other post that it looked hideous on baby#3? You would say...yeah, yes, point made, but confection-wise they were sarisfactoy, very!

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