martes, 12 de mayo de 2015

Coral Plumeti Frenzie

Granted! It is not an original…we have never denied when a dress or a knit inspiration was outsourced. But one thing is for sure: Man! Can we copy or what?
What do you think...too saturated?

 This baby dress original is part of nanos’ SS15 collection. We were able to find all the ingredients online. The coral plumeti comes from but this is not the only site that carries it (the price, 9€/m is the same at all the sites we located, so don’t bother benchmarking). The fabulous Liberty of London fabric comes from, and the delicate valencienne lace, plumeti cotton and embroidery ribbon are from a local store and we are positive you will know by now where to find it.
Magic is in the details
Back Pattern

The pattern difficulty was intermediate level. We made some mistakes that I proceed to list here to spare you the trouble:
Once again people, repeat after me:
  •  do not pleat the lining! Our version is puffy, quite! So we recommend to cut the lining in an A shape and to not pleat the skirt.
  • Use an elastic stitch when attaching the lace to the fabric, otherwise, despite how generous you might get with the lace, it will ALWAYS end up pulling the fabric.
  • A better option might possibly be to sew the lining to the dress at the hem, but again, we didn’t and it turned out pretty good. With our option, the dress flows dreamily but you ought to match to perfection the length of both layers.

As a final comment, allow me a confession, we made this for our dearest and latest arrival Birdie#3 who just turned 1month all…well, the dress is cute as it gets but it is not flattering at all in such a tiny baby. And we mean, AT ALL. It looks like a miniature shepherd. The reason…had anybody remarked before how a baby laying down appears to have no neck…this dress makes my birdie look like a floating head on a ribbitted puffy neckline of fabric. We envision it rather for a toddler or a walking child. Oh well, live and learn!
Original dress by NANOS (SS15 collection)
We really loved the combo of the plumeti and the liberty so I can almost promise there might be a sequel to this dress on a 2yo size. Stay tune!

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