viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

Blue electric - part II

So once Baby Bird#2 dress was completed, as it always happens at Casycoso…we felt that we had to make the most of the half a ball of yarn left and went for a boy’s pullover. The nightmare, for us, is always the same:
-        Proportions
-        Size
Boy's model

But mother-casycoso delivered, after much effort and here is the exceptionally cute, warm, stylish (did I tell you that it was my mother who knitted it?) result of the exertion.

And, of course, who are we to waste the few cm scraps of fabric that were left from the skirt? We had to invest a bit more of cash on another yard to make a baby dress for darling babe#3. Here is how the baby cardigan turned out.

Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan in the making

We made it with the mink collar of the nude Casilda&Jimena cardigan in mind. You can find details of that story in this post. 

It all would have been just perfect if only my mother wouldn't have judged unilaterally that the baby mini dress I cut was too crapy. in my mind, it was ok...maybe a bit dull but still, considering it came from the bits and scraps left over, I thought it would work. Honestly, mother is most of the time right, so she probably save us some time by simply throwing it out. 



Last year, we got a wonderful dress from Nanos SS15 collection on sale, so these jackets will come in handy to warm up this spring colder afternoons. Incidentally, stay tune for some to come on this dress coz I have a feeling...
Nanos SS15

And here are some inspirational ideas for Blue Electric Children`s clothes that we fished from Instagram. We think that this color is going to strike it big, this season. 
Blue season to come

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