viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

This is a first!

Remember, how I told you I had a feeling that more was yet to come as far as the SS15 Nanos dress we got last year on sale?  Well, the winter pull we knitted was undoubtedly too thick, too warm, too big and definetely inadequate for summer. And since we, daughters, never get tired of asking our moms for anything and everything, I pleaded to my mother if she could come up with something to go with it, and here is the beautiful result!
Blue Klein Bolero  (3yo)
Looks familiar? It is a Bolero, knitted with 100% cotton Valeria di Roma, (gauge #2.5, so pretty tight).
Does anybody know any other color referred to in such a wide variety of names as this one: deep blue // electric blue // Klein or even Azul Bilbao  (which is as we know it here, in Northern Spain). In our humble opinion, a perfect shade for summer days full of light.
Trimming detail
This time we included two small crochet flowers to tight it up around the neck. But I am unsure about them. Might end up removing unless you convince me otherwise. And this is the total look!

So what do you say
Aren’t the flowers a bit much, considering the ruffled dress? 

P.S. About the title...Truly, I think this is the first time, we repeat a pattern, a knitting pattern that is. Hence...

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