martes, 26 de abril de 2016

Shawl me Warm

 Shawl we dance?

For I would, endlessly, thanks to this ultra easy very charming pattern for a Baby Shawl.

Shawl pattern (*.xls file if you are interested)
We have knitted it in different sizes from Newborn to 3yo. It is so practical, yet so cute that we always find an outfit or an occasion on severe need of sporting it.

At first, we were attracted by the cuteness of the garment for a summer newborn. For we all know, despite the good weather, a Softy Layer might always be required for the most delicate ones. So we knitted this pattern is the softest thinnest wool in a pale baby pinkIncidentally, we have never been able to find this ultra thin (knitted with gauge 2 needles) 100% baby wool ever again. 

Never been able to find this thin 100% baby wool again
Then, again, thinking about a summer  Little something to throw over our Little girl shoulders, we repeated it in a baby blue that enhanced the blue dots of her Plumeti Apron. 
Baby Wrap in Baby Blue (2yo size)

And finally, we have come across the perfect excuse to knit it in a thicker 100% Merino Katia Yarn this Winter. A regular jacket might be too much to go over our Winter 2014 season Silver Star Viyela Winter Dress, plus it would cover up the dress collar which is its main charm. So we thought, our traditional shawl might be the perfect solution....Judge for yourself!

P.S. A Little something named Julia, is about to get one to welcome her to cold Navarra, but pssshhh keep the secret until I can post some pictures of it. 

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