viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

Blue Electric - part I

This is the beginning of predictably long story.

The Story of our Electric Blue winter Knits

I can't remember what caught our eyes first: the fabric or the yarn, but the bottom line is that we decided to make a dress for Bird#2, one thing led to another, and we are now on the process of making a piece for each of the children. 

Bird#2 dress: knitted pullover with cape skirt

The yarn is our new fav Valeria di Roma, with about 50% merino wool. It is a risky move to change suppliers, and we do not have info of how well it wears out, but the color shades are so enthusing that we took the risk. For a change, we abandoned the garter stitch. 
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Also a risky move because we have knit enough garments to know that the simplicity of the garter stitch delivers every time. It is elegant yet fun plus, totally in style. But, it can get tiring when your whole closet is based on it, hence the change.  

We started by knitting the pull but ended up making a dress coz Baby bird number 2, did not have anything matching, and her mother (aka, me) did not have any time or energy to go shopping. So, I ended up cutting some cape-shaped skirt. Quick, and easy. But better yet, that skirt shape has the fullness that I so adore.
Tulle Lining of the Skirt

To enhance its fullness even more, I lined it with some tulle. Not the ultra-soft I generally use, but some off-white/cream half stiff fabric I found at 7€/m in a local store.

And best yet, I adapted the fur of last year cape to the pull-over’s hood. The browns on the fur match the shades of the skirt and in my opinion, give it the edge it needs to differentiate it from just another school uniform type of outfit.
Fox Fur Hood Trimming

But the story continues, I had some left over scraps of fabric and my mother bought more yarn...
What whill she make next?

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