jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

Wintery Wool

I just realized that we never posted pics of the White Wool star Dress we made last AW14 season.

Fabric is 100% wool, machine washable from traetela.es

It is based on the Pool tunic pattern except that we added long sleeves. That was actually significantly more complicated than we anticipated.
Basically, we didn't know how to integrate it with the ruffled back. Over? Under? What to do? 

Tulle and Velvet Bow for extra Cuteness

Two details to stress about this dress:
A.   The contrast gray crotchet we went for to trim the hem

B.   The ruffled on the back going over the seam. A Nightmare to sew it, according to my suffering mother.I like very much the solution we opted for, but it took some effort, aka hand sewing and my mom refuses to ever repeat this pattern..we will see about that though.

And.. I knitted the cutest anthracite grey shawl to go with it, 
but that is a different story!

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