lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Scrap Ping

Not that I am particularly fond of rompers, which I am...what I really like is to maximize resources and the fact that you can get a diaper cover from a left over scrap of fabric, motivates me to the max!

Last winter, stars were a hit in children’s fashion.
And following the trend, we got some white and silver star wool fabric from which has proved to be a wonderful choice, warm, excellent quality and fun pattern. Being my mother’s daughter, I kept all the bits and pieces of left over scraps, and this year, with baby bird #3 here with us, voilá! I miraculously managed to sew a little diaper cover to match her sister’s dress.

It has turned out too big but that is not often a problem with babies, because strangely enough, they tend to grow.

The pattern is the usual in these cases. I love current diaper cover patterns (just the cover with a maxi bow on the front) but our birdie’s got such a big belly that the full body version with straps fits her much better. 

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