domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

So much effort...

And it came out too big 

And that is just one of the many flaws of my second liberty autumn dress for bird #2.
 Since some of my recent sewing had yielded such gratifying results, I fearlessly ventured into making this dress without a pattern. Big mistake! 

Note to self: DO NOT, I repeat, do not let those scissors touch your precious fabrics without outlining a decent pattern onto it first. 

I had to sew and rip those seams, once and again, because the chest was too broad and the arms too wide. 

As much as I tried to fit it in, the neck is still too wide so it has to stay in the closet till next year. Lengthwise it was ok though, which is actually a bummer coz most probably my daughter will be taller next year...

Wait and See, what else?

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