viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Winter Star

Was it a general trend or was it only in Spain that Winter 2015 children's fashion has all been about  


I loved the pattern so naturally CasyCoso went for it. Also, my niece (2yo) attended a wedding as a flower girl wearing the cutest Little Charleston style dress. By Charleston, I mean a low cut waist and a pletted skirt dress. She was adorable so, despite our reservations about how flattering that shape might be on a little girl, we went for it, and this is the result!

Needless to say, that I was further encouraged to go for it after I saw that my favorite children fashion brand, NANOS, had presented a couple of models along that line. As a matter of fact, here is the AW15  model We "inspired" ourselves on,  you tell me if you find any resemblance.

The cherry on the cake was to find this awesome wool fabric, soft as a teddy bear, warm as a blanket, machine washable,  and easy to work with, from TraeTela

I loved the silver star print of the fabric. We had liked it better if we could have found a way to highlight it, instead of going for our recurrent adornment of Valencienne lace, but none of the options we contemplated, seemed to measure up to the Nano's solution.

I wish we could post some pics of our birdie#2 sporting the garment, because it is really cute, but to get her to try model for our blog is an absolute mission impossible!

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