lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Organza & Plumeti Tulle

What a dream! Last week, back at my mom's house, we visited our fetish fabric store MasTelas and we found a Cream Color Plumeti Tulle to die for, sitting next to some perfectly rose delicate organza. It took us 2secs to concoct the idea of what to make of it. 

Here is the story of our very anticipated, little babybird #3 

      Plumeti+Organza Baby Dress

Newborn Baby #3 Dress Fresh from the oven!

The idea was to make a two layer traditional (aka loooong please!) baby dress. With an organza undercoat and a tulle overlay. We toyed around with the idea of making the tulle layer an apron instead. We even launched an opinion pool in Instagram (@casycoso) but in the end, we opted for a more conservative design, mainly coz the intention was to make it in a newborn size and the apron might not show very well plus it might not have been too practical either. 

I am crazy about that tulle. The only thing I didn't like was the price (19€/m) but I had tons of ideas of things I could do with it and could not (did not want to) resist.

Plumeti Tulle Dream Fabric from MASTELAS

Unfortunately, the only things I have manage to make with the scrap left overs have been the matching  baby cap, and the tulle rose waist detail which I find cute an distinctive and my mom inappropriate...

By the way, I have to give it to my new gathering gadget, how did we do it before it got I I our lives?

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Here are some shots of the process. I cannot presume to help anybody learn how to sew but, if the detail shots are interesting to someone as to how to evolve the creative process into reality, may they be welcome here!


Apron vs Full Dress     Pink vs Cream      Belt vs Bow Detail
What to do?

Getting there
Et voilá!

Do you like it?
I will be sure to post a pic fo the garment on the baby. If you care to get a similar one, contact us at

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