lunes, 9 de febrero de 2015

Telmo's Romper

It had been a while since we posted some of our doings Romper Style; but...
Here is our latest!

Telmo's Baby Knitted Romper Set

Telmo was born just yesterday, so we had to finish the last of the booties in extremis. Now that it is lovingly packed, we wanted to share some pics of the results with you, for those of you who might be interested on the details or might find it inspirational.

It was knitted on a newborn size. This one is going to be a present for a dear friend of mine; and in my experience, moms, we try to be effective and efficient and often buy clothes a bit big, thinking that the newborns are so small, that clothes fit the darling doves for a too limited time and it is not worth the expense. So at CasyCoso try to fill that gap. 

Booties and Cap Detail

We used, once again Katia Baby Merino, a saturated cobalt blue knitted with 2 ½ needles and combined with a piqué bubble bottom. Since, it is plain winter still here, aka ultra cold, we added a couple of fur pompons to the booties. Possibly, another option would have been to add one   too on a side of the knitted cap, but we will let that opt apt to the mom’s taste.
Telmo's Box ready to ship!

Let’s us know if you would like to get more detail info on it. And if you are interested on getting a similar loving welcome box for yourself, you can check our etsy shop!

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