lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Knitter + Beginner = Where do I Start?

I started knitting coz: 

a.      my in laws did and it was yet another asset I considered mandatory for my "like me for your son" quality list
b.     they appeared to be sufficiently entertained
c.      it is a very portable hobby
d.     it beats anything else, except for a good book, during long work flights
e.      it is a mind liberating activity
f.       it is fulfilling to create something tangible with your own hands
g.     it makes for the cutest little heart felt presents for your friends
h. it guarantees a hilarious startled look on your friends and foes, once you pop up your knitting needles during a coffee rendez-vous
 i. sometimes, knitting, is a sanity must

Me, a month ago, recovering from foot surgery

For all of these reasons I do encourage you to start knitting, and to add a couple others of your own to the list. If you are intrigued, here is a short compilation of great links for beginner knitters. To this I dare to add something my sister-in-law told me once:

…do not learn the stitches, learn how to read the knit…

Yeah, I didn't get it either; but be water my friend! Because that is truly what it is all about. Give me a couple of posts, get hook on this trade, and you will be there as well!

·        First things first, learn how to cast on the stitches:
·        Basics:
·        Please, rescue me! What do I do to correct those mistakes besides undoing all your day progress:
·        Gibberish translator
·        Tips allowed

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