jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014



Like many other Spanish old women who would drag a chair to their front door each day at sunset, my grandma used to knit “a la fresca”. Sitting in a circle, it was the perfect time to gossip the ups and downs of the day. Many things came out of those circles: socks, shirts and sweaters were only the tangible ones. Tight friendships were knit too. I, however, only learned how to knit many years later. Nowadays, it is impossible for me not to make the connection between what is really my creative outlet valve and those wonderful childhood moments that I cherish lovingly.

Knitting for me is the balance pill to cope with a very abstract professional profile and being able to actually do something with my own hands. Furthermore, it has helped me to get closer with my mother, whose sewing abilities I have dragged into this project. CasyCoso is actually my personal project for her. I want to introduce her and get her hooked into the new digital tecs; our current socializing mode, whether we like it or not. Because if my grandma would still be sitting with her friends each afternoon, they would have a tablet on their knees.

The name we chosed, CasyCoso, is a blink to her. Casy is my mom’s name, but it is also Spanish for “almost”. Coso means “I sew”, thus it literally translates to “We can almost Sew” …we acknowledge that we have tons to learn! That is our goal, to share what we learn and do with everybody and meet whoever else has got hooked into this wonderful hobby. 

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