martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Winter is coming - Part 2

After the Rose Pink Knitted Coat project turn out, we were quite encouraged to try another one. Truth be told, what I was tempted for was a cape such as Casilda&Jimena's to die for 2013 model.
Casilda&Jimena's Cape with Fox Fur Collar Detail

I tried...and failed...please allow me to spare you the details for everybody's self-respect.

Then I came accross this other option, and I thought the tailor fit around the waist could be neat, and it was definitely something I wanted to try.
Brown Knitted Coat Inspiration
I did not think the elaborate sleeves were "worth" the trouble. They are endearing but really, I am keen on simpler (as in less ornamented) garments. Plus the yarn we chose, a felted wool, was thick and for such a tiny size (2yo), I though the cable-knit might be too coarse.

So this is what we came up with. It has proven to be as warm, practical and cute as the rose one.

Although, if I had to redo it, I would knit the cables on  the waist line a bit higher.

We lined it up with the same fleece fabric, an awesome very recommendable idea.

And here is my sister-in-law's take on it 

Just piling on ideas! 

By hte way, the yarn we used, never again, it fuzzes and fuzzes, it is hateful.

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