miércoles, 2 de julio de 2014

Yellow Fever - Done

Although not as neat as the original one…granted!
Remember my motto about compromises, over-achieving, good balance in life and goals…well, let’s repeat ourselves all that as frequently as required till we all believe it blindly. Plus, DIY got to look like such, don’t they? 
Finishes Still Pending
I often get asked how do we manage to get all that done? All that being: getting the children to safely and soundly grow up (feeding, dressing, occasionally sanitizing them..),
working full time and keeping up some hobbies like this knitting and clothes making CasyCoso Adventure. The answer is clear, I need to! 
Plus, I literally knit anywhere anytime I can spare. 

Please, don’t tell me that some of you mothers out there can do without some "You" time, coz in my case, this is my sanity medication and my mother’s support and domestic help is the magic pill to get to it all. 

Are you acquainted with 
I ought to be a honorary member.

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