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My  name is irrelevant since it is also quite a common one. What is not, however, is the succession of funny names my mother side of the family seems to be accidentally be prompted to give to their broods. generation after generation. Accordingly, my grandma’s extremely beautiful name was Valentina, but for some bizarre reason everybody decided to shorten it to Vale which in Spanish means “enough”. This by itself, would just be an anecdote, if it wasn’t coz she then decided to name her daughter Casilda, another quite royal name, but to shorten it to Casi which means “almost”…do you start to get it? Let’s spare us all the pain to talk about my own name...

Focusing on our CasyCoso at hand, its literal translation is “I can almost sew”. Which , besides being totally descriptive of our abilities, is also a blink to the matriarchs of my family, to whom I am so thankful for their valuable lessons in life and generosity, and whose multiple teachings and examples have always guide me.  I left you here a short recount of the first time I came in contact with knitting. And I intend to, if you are interested, humbly confessing all the misadventures that, to get hook to this trade, have dragged me into.  

We live in Spain and I hereby certify that I got hooked into knitting before it became the coolest trendiest NYC activity it has now turned into . However, the blogging and social media did beat me to the finish line and I only get to it now. Despite the delay, I want to learn and live this new way of communicating with the world. Plus, as an experiment, I want to see how visible can a blog get if you don’t seed it, I mean, if you launch it from the bare bottom, with an empty pool of friends in facebook...

..will we ever get a comment to our posts?

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