Is it possible to ever get someone to visit your blog if you launch it anonymously to nobody in particular?

We have confessed that this blog has, besides the obvious intention of sharing what we do, other goals... Knitting and sewing is truly a passion for us as we wrote in the blog presentation post. By starting this blog, we thought we might open our window to this DIY world, to share ideas, projects, lessons learned the hard way (aka, sewing just as fast as we rip seams), to meet who else was going down this road and have a laugh together along the way. 

It was also my personal attempt to learn and master the world of blogging and social media, and to drag and force my mother to learn about it as well. Desirably, to get her hook into it. My parents recently retired and having been extremely hard working self-employed people all their life, they had ahead of them and even more challenging task, to learn what to do with the spare time in a healthy and constructive way. On that aspect, I am so far pretty satisfied. We were absolute blogger illiterates, and well, heck! In a couple of months, working just during our spare time, we have put up a decent blog, esthetically speaking and in our opinion of course.

But, there was an extra factor to this adventure. I am personally curious to see how does a blog grow. I want to see what happens to a blog if you start it from the bare bones, if you do not use a pool of friends on facebook, acquaintances and relatives to launch it and start making it go around.

I am honestly committed to keep the blog updated regularly and to try my best to post appealing things that might entertain or visually excite some public. And to measure if, when and how this happens, I plan on posting the progress on this matter, monthly…when will someone ever visit the blog? when will we ever get a follower? When will we ever get a comment? Will we ever…actually? 

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